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660 NEWS is a Canadian Radio station based in Calgary, Alberta. The Radio station is owned by Rogers Media, a branch of Rogers Communication.

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660 NEWS

This radio station has built its niche as the number one station for breaking news on Traffic and Weather. It first broadcasted in 1984 on January 10th. It has since then grown to become a Class B fifty-thousand-watt broadcasting radio station.

The station, previously known as CFFR, was rebranded to 660 NEWS in 2006. This was in keeping with the rebranding from Rogers-all-news networks in Ottawa, Vancouver, and Toronto.


Being an all-news radio station, the station does not have many programs. The main features include Business, Traffic and Weather News. They also air Local and International News in keeping with trending events.

Radio Personalities

Several radio personalities make up the news team. These include Tanya Blakney, Chris Bowen, Alex Cliché, Sue Deyell, Tahirih Foroozan amongst others.

How to Listen Online

The Radio Station has several options for their fans to follow their news online. This includes a streaming service from their website and mobile phone applications. The streaming service gives listeners the option of listening to live proceedings, latest traffic or business news. The mobile phone applications, by Rogers Media, are available for Apple Users through iTunes and Android users through the Google Play Store.

Social Network

660 NEWS has a broad fan base on social media. Their Twitter handle has sixty-seven thousand followers. Their Tweets feature news on various topics affecting the residents. This includes breaking news, weather news amongst others.

The radio station's Facebook page has eight thousand followers. Their feed entails trending news on various topics covered by the channel and what is also posted on Twitter. 

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