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Z103.5 is a Canadian Radio station located in Toronto. The class B radio station serves the area of Toronto and Ontario.

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Information about Z103.5
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The radio station, previously known as CI Dufferin Communications (CIDC) is owned by Evanov Communications. The radio station began featuring dance music in 1995. It then changed to a hybrid of Dance and Top 40 in 1998 and finally became a full-time top 40 radio station in 2009. This station was founded earlier on in 1985 after a significant tornado hit the area of Orangeville. Since the people thought they had not received prior warning of the tornado, they made an application to the Telecommunications Network for the setup of a local radio station. The radio station initially branded as DC 103.5 changed its name in 1995 to Hot 103.5 and later on to Z103.5 imitating the New York Z100 station.


The station airs a set of programs during the weekdays and a different set over the weekend. These programs include All the Hits from 1 am to 5.30 am, Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan in the morning from 5.30am to 9 am, Pina from 9 am to 3 pm and evening programs such as Amanda Logan, Tony Monaco, Wayback Wednesdays and Live to Air from Broke.

The weekend programs include Hit 20 Countdown, Jimmy T, and Z-Party Mix.

Radio Personalities

The radio station features several celebrities including Tonny Monaco, Drew Suriano, DJ Danny, Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan.

How to Listen Online

Their listeners can stream online through their official website. The streaming prompt is at the top of the page just below the cover page.

Social Network

The station has an extensive social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They have two hundred thousand followers on Facebook, forty thousand followers on Twitter and three thousand subscribers on YouTube. Their posts mainly feature entertainment news, posts from different celebrities and links to podcasts from previous shows.

Official Website

Their official website is http://z1035.com/. The website embodies its style of dance with a creative background of a picture of a party edited to fit the station’s thematic red and grey color.

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