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CFRA, C Frank Ryan, is a Canadian Radio station based in Ottawa Canada. The radio station is owned by Bell Media.

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The radio station began as a one-thousand-watt radio station on O’Connor Street. It has since developed to a fifty-thousand-watt radio station by day and a thirty-thousand-watt radio station by night. The station was taken up by CHUM limited after Ryan’s death in 1965 and was later on acquired by Bell Media. CFRA began as a pop music station but now has an emphasis on Talk format.


Some of the programs on the station include The Employment Hour from 6 pm to 7 pm, the Travel Talk from 7 pm to 8 pm, Money Talk from 8 pm, Open House from 9 pm, Sunday Housecall from 10 pm, CTV’s question hour, The Tim Hudak show, Viewpoints amongst others.

Radio Personalities

The station features radio personalities such as Evan Solomon, Brian Lilley, Rob Snow and Bill Carrol. Other celebrities include Norman Jack, Rabbi Reuven Bulka, Kristy Cameron and Dr. Barry Dworkin.

How to Listen Online

The station offers a streaming platform for their audience. This platform can be accessed online through their official website. The streaming prompt powered by iHeartRadio is at the bottom of the page.

Social Network

The station has a social media presence on Twitter and Facebook. Their Facebook page has twenty-two thousand followers. Their posts feature local news from Ottawa, videos from interviews and links to their programs. Their Twitter handle has forty-eight thousand followers. Their tweets mainly feature links to their programs with a description of what the programs entail.

Official Website

The official website of the station is It has a simple and elegant design featuring their logo on a plain white background and a list of scheduled programs on a creative blue background. The main content on their website features local news, Twitter feeds, latest and trending videos.  

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