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News 1130 is an all-news radio station that is located in Vancouver Canada. Rogers Media owns it.

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News 1130

News 1130 first began broadcasting in 1923 as CFDC. It has over the years developed into a fifty-thousand-watt Class A radio station with a particular niche of being the only all-news radio station in Vancouver.

This Radio station targets a population between twenty-five and fifty-four years. It provides timely and reliable news to the Lower Mainland on various topics including traffic, sports, weather and business information.


The Radio station does not host many programs. Their agenda revolves around news, sports, traffic and weather, business news and new media.

The news program provides complete local to international coverage to its audience. This is augmented by the News 1130 Morning show that airs daily at 5 am. The business news is also aired regularly showing the necessary business reports from the trading hours.

The sports news is delivered every:15 and:45 past the hour and provide insight into traders and management changes. The station also delivers traffic alerts every ten minutes and provides airborne traffic updates for morning and afternoon commutes.

Radio Personalities

The news team is made up of several anchors airing different shows including Adam Forsythe, Alison Bailey, Amanda Wawryk, Amelia John and Ben Wilson.

The editorial and production Team is made up of Bruce Claggett, Dave White, Dean Recksiedler, Denise Wong and Jen Coles.

The reporters for the shows are Hana Mae Nassar, James Cybulski, Jim Bennie, John Ackermann and John Copsey.

How to listen online

Their online service can be obtained by streaming through their website,, or through their News 1130 app which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Social network

The station has an online presence on YouTube - with 2800 subscribers, Facebook – with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 and Twitter – with a fan base of 205,000 followers.

Their Homepage on Twitter is designed with their thematic green color and features tweets of breaking news, traffic and weather stations within Vancouver.

Official website

Their official website,, features a pictorial representation of the articles covered. These mainly include breaking news, weather updates and business articles that would be meaningful to the residents of Vancouver.

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