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CJOB, Canada John Oliver Blick is a Canadian radio station located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The radio station is owned by Corus Entertainment.

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The radio station began in 1946 with John Oliver Blick as the owner. Since then there have been several changes in the ownership and an upgrade from a 250-watt station to the fifty thousand-watt, Class B station that it is today. The station also underwent several changes in location. It currently operates at 1440 Jack Blick Avenue where it has been since 2011.

The radio station features a format of news, information and talk shows. Their current slogan is ‘Winnipeg’s News and Information Leader.'


The station has a variety of programs while maintaining focus on weather, breaking news, and traffic. Their programs include Winnipeg Blue Bombers games, Manitoba Bisons University Football games, All News Drive from 3 pm, CJOB Sports show between 8 and 11 pm, CJOB News at Noon and Winnipeg’s Morning Show by Richard Cloutier and Kathy Kennedy. During the Football League in Canada, the station also airs questions answered by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Head coach.

Other shows include Your Life Unlimited, Bold Radio, Charles Adler tonight, The Shadoe Davis Show, Focus Manitoba, The Health Report, CAA Talks Travel amongst others.

Radio Personalities

The various programs on the station feature different radio personalities. These include Charles Adler, Dahlia Kurtz, Richard Cloutier and Kathy Kennedy. Some celebrities that are previously associated with the show include Peter Warren, John Wells, Jack Wells and John Harvard.

How to Listen Online

The radio station features a streaming prompt on their official website. Listeners can stream into live broadcastings of their preferred shows.

Social Network

The radio station has a social media presence on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Their Twitter handle has thirty-six thousand followers. Their tweets feature general news and information as well as links to ongoing shows. The station has two hundred subscribers on their YouTube channel and sixteen thousand followers on Facebook.

Official Website

Their official website is https://globalnews.ca/radio/cjob/?gref=cjob. The site has a well-organized and formal outlook featuring different categories of news that their audience is interested in.

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