CBC Radio 2

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CBC Radio 2 is famous FM Radio in Canada. Officially, it is operated and managed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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CBC Radio 2

For years, the radio station was famous for its jazz and classical music programs. During its early years, the FM Radio station has a huge myriad of classical music and jazz programs. Quite recently, (between 2007 and 2008), the radio station moved towards adult music. It restricted classical and jazz hits to midday. On an average, 2 million listeners tune to CBC Radio 2 every week. This makes CBC Radio 2 the second best radio stations in the country.

History of CBC Radio 2

CBC Radio 2 has a very long history. It was founded in 1946. In the beginning, it was a simulcast of the antique AM radio. It was an AM Radio till 1960. This was when the FM Radio network became famous. The radio station disconnected its programs between 1962 and 1964. By the end of 1975, it was known as CBC Stereo. And, it was known as CBC Radio One and Two in the 1990s. As mentioned, the radio station’s primary focus was theatre, opera, classical music and jazz. There are few programs devoted to Indie Rock Music and Canadian Pop.

Programs and personalities

Though the radio station has a new set of programs with adult music – its focus on classical tunes and jazz has not vanished. The radio station does focus on music. It has invested plenty of “time and effort” on live music. Well, CBC Radio 2 doesn’t have any restrictions on live music. The programs are categorized into several genres. For example, the morning and afternoon programs focus on classical tunes. The evening and late night programs feature a wide range of musical genres. Some of these programs are hosted by famous celebrities like Rich Terfry, Molly Johnson and Julie Nesrallah.

Listening to CBC Radio 2

Listening to CBC Radio 2 is extremely easy. Over the years, the radio station has shifted and explored many platforms. For example, you can listen to the radio station from YouTube, Facebook and certain blogs. Throughout the country, CBC Radio 2 is available as Radio One. Radio 2 is present in larger cities. Though the radio station has 30-transmitters, only 14 are licensed and considered as “originating stations”. CBC Radio 2 is broadcasted via satellite on Shaw Direct and Bell TV. The radio station is also available in podcast and web-radio forms. International audiences can listen to the programs too!

Website and Mobile Apps

The talk about CBC Radio 2 remains incomplete without its website and mobile application. The responsive website is broken into several categories: Locals, News, Sports, TV, Radio and Discover CBC. The website is designed on a white page! With many tiled links to different news options, navigating through CBC.ca is a blissful experience. The entire site is carefully structured. It has a simple navigation bar, a panel with call-for-action buttons and a dozen links. Each link is carefully categorized into a specific genre.

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