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Radio 680 News is a famous commercial radio station in Canada. The radio station operates in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Radio 680 News

The AM radio station is owned by Rogers Media. As suggested by its name, it is an all-news station. It is also known as CFTR. The radio station enjoys millions of active listeners. The official slogan of this station is “#1 for Breaking News, Traffic and Weather”. Well, these are the three different types of information you can gather by listening to Radio 680 News. Since inception, the radio station has adhered to this motto! And, technically, this is a Class B AM station.

Radio 680 News’ History

The radio station has a history that dates back to early 1960s. To be precise, the first program was launched on the 8th of August 1962. The radio station began at a frequency of 1540 kHz. It used the call letters “CHFI”. The station used 1540 kHz because it was extremely clear. This was the frequency assigned to many radio stations in the United States of America. The radio station moved to another frequency in 1963. It was launched at the frequency 680. The frequency was finalized in 1966.

Famous Programs and People of Radio 680 News

As mentioned previously, Radio 680 News is renowned for its news updates and weather reports. Few years ago, the radio station hosted a content on “guaranteed” weather reports. It made sure all temperature updates were accurate. The forecast was given every morning. The guaranteed highest temperature was announced in the reports. Listeners can enter the contest easily. The temperatures were verified against the values from the Pearson International Airport. The winner was given a hefty prize of 1000 USD. The prize money was not fixed. It was increased by 100 USD on a daily basis.

Radio 680 News was famous for the many notable personalities behind every program. The list of renowned personalities begins with Dan Dunleavy, Chris Mavridis, Rick Ralph and Russ Holden. Each of these personalities are trained to present news, weather reports and daily updates in an interesting fashion. Indeed, Radio 680 News was one of the most entertaining radio stations around.

Listening to Radio News 680

Staying tuned to Radio News 680 is extremely easy. A lot of people listen to the radio station through “Listen Live”. This is the webcast of Radio News 680. The present frequency of Radio News 680 is “680 kHz” AM.

One can listen to the station through its mobile app too. The mobile app is developed using a state of art technology. This is one of the most responsive and intuitively designed applications for a radio station.

When it comes to social media, Radio News 680 has a considerable number of followers. Posts in the station’s social pages are shared, followed and liked by thousands of listeners.

The Website

Just like many other radio station sites, Radio 680 News sticks to neutral shades. The website is mostly green and gray. The site is updated on a daily basis with “top news” and links to previous content! 

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