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CHFI-FM, Canada Hi-Fidelity is a Canadian Radio station based in Toronto, Ontario. It is owned by Rogers Media. The station currently features an adult contemporary style.

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About the Radio Station

The station’s studios are located in downtown Toronto. The station began broadcasting in 1957 providing background music to local stores and offices. Since then, the station has gone through many changes. The most significant changes were the rebranding in 2000. Rogers Media changed the logo of the station and shifted the station to 98.1 CHFI. The station is currently a class C1 forty-four-thousand-watt station. Their current slogan is 'Toronto’s Perfect Music Mix.'


The station has many exciting programs. These shows include Mo to Go, the Now and Then Top 10 Countdown, Tish Iceton, Darren and Mo amongst others.  The programs are well distributed throughout giving the audience something pleasant to listen to all week.

Radio Personalities

The radio station features many celebrities. These stars include Christine Cardoso, Mike Cooper, Darren Osborne, Darryl Henry, Erin Davis amongst others. These radio personalities form a crucial part of the CHFI station.

How to Listen Online

There are several ways that listeners can tune into 98.1 CHFI. The station provides a streaming service on their official page. The streaming prompt is on the top left of the page in pink. The station also has mobile applications for Android and Apple devices. These apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple Store respectively.

Social Network

The station has a social media presence on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. They currently have eight hundred subscribers on YouTube, one hundred and forty thousand followers on Facebook and twelve thousand followers on Twitter. Their Facebook page, with the most significant audience, features their official logo and a cover page of the Darren and Mo show. Their posts feature a variety of topics ranging from jokes to links of their current shows.

Official Website

The station’s official website is The site features a simple and elegant design. The main categories on the website are ‘Contests, Upcoming Events, Latest Audio and the stations CHFI Song Poll.

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