91.5 The Beat

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The Beat is a hit music radio station in Canada. It belongs to the CKBT-FM in Kitchener, Ontario. The station is known for its 40-CHR format broadcasts. It is officially branded as 91.5 The Beat!

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91.5 The Beat

The station is headquartered in Kitchener. Today, 91.5 The Beat is owned by Corus Entertainment. According to recent stats, the radio station’s major rival is “CFCA-FM”. 

History of 91.5 The Beat

The Beat is known for its interesting history. The station was founded in 2004 by CanWest Global. In the beginning, the station was located at 235 King Street East, Kitchener. During its early days, the radio station featured rhythmic top 40 format music. This included reggae, R&B, and hip-hop. The station switched its format in 2005. By the end of 2006, the radio station was owned by Corus Entertainment. It was believed that the station would buy Winnipeg’s CJZZ-FM and CKBT-FM. Well, the deal was subject to many approvals. By the mid of 2007, the approvals were sanctioned. Corus Entertainment and CKBT became two integral components in July 2007.

The broadcast family didn’t stop here! It moved and formed a new broadcast facility in 2009. Its partner was CJDV-FM.

Programs and Personalities of 91.5 The Beat

The Beat 91.5 FM is known for its wide range of programs and personalities. Some of its best shows would be “The Beat Breakfast” and “Throwback Sunday”. Of course, there are other programs like “The Beat Mix”, “Kendra”, “Top 25 Live” and “CLUB 915”. These programs are hosted by world-famous radio jockeys. Indeed, Beat became one of the best radio stations for hit music!

From the above list, “The Beat Mix” featuring DJ Flash is a killer show. The show is broadcasted every weekend between 6 and 7 pm.

Few interesting personalities with shows in The Beat would be “Will Smith”, “Carlos, Dave & Laura” and “DJ Flash”. These shows are carefully spread across different time slots. Most of the entertainment begins at 5.30 in the morning and ends at 10 pm in the night!

Listening to The Beat

Listening to 91.5 The Beat is very simple. You just have to tune into 91.5 MHz FM. The radio station is aired in the Top 40 CHR format. It belongs to class B radio stations. Moving on, you can listen to 91.5 The Beat online too! The station offers live online broadcasting.

Social Media Presence

When it comes to social media, 91.5 The Beat is a happening place. The radio station has more than 140,000+ likes and 130,000+ followers on Facebook. In twitter, the station has 5000+ likes and more than 14,000 followers. The Hit Music Station is flooded with 70,000+ tweets. On an average, 200+ tweets are made every day.

Website and Mobile Application

The radio station’s official website is a delight to visit. It has a purple base! The website is designed with many interesting animations, banners, sliders, and columns. There are direct links to events, music, contests and on-air programs. If you are really interested in 91.5 The Beat, you can sign-in too!

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