Virgin Radio Calgary

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Virgin Radio Calgary is one of Canada’s oldest and finest radio stations. It is ranked amongst the top 40 CHR radio stations. As suggested by its name, the unit is based in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Bell Media identifies 98.5 MHz FM as an ideal frequency for this radio station.

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Virgin Radio Calgary

Virgin Radio Calgary is distributed at an effective power radiation. Technically, it is radiated at 100 kW. The transmission happens between 85 Street Southwest and the Old Banff Coach Road. Officially, the radio station’s studio is located at Centre Street, Eau Claire.

History on Virgin Radio Calgary

Though Virgin Radio Calgary has a very short history, it is very strong and interesting. According to the Fall PPM Data Report 2014, Virgin Radio Calgary ranked number #6. The radio station was founded and approved in 2001. The unit experienced many ups and downs. For example, the 2002 debut as Vibe 98.5 was beaten by KISS 96.9 The radio station wished to become the region’s finest outlet for hip hop music. Luckily, KISS 96.9 bailed out in 2003. They changed to Jack FM, leaving Virgin Radio Calgary an obvious victor.

Famous Programs and Personalities of Virgin Radio Calgary

The radio station is known for its interesting programs. The station began with rhythmic contemporary music. Soon, it hosted a wide range of pop and dance music mixes. The radio station had so many programs to delight R&B fans too. When Virgin Radio Calgary was bought by Standard Broadcasting, Astral Media it dropped the contemporary rhythmic tunes. This was when the radio station became “Virgin Radio Calgary”.

When it comes to personalities, there are so many entertaining hosts at Virgin Radio Calgary. This includes names like Amy, Andrea Collins, Kirstin and Josie. Throughout the day, you will be able to enjoy a collection of free hit music. The station became extremely famous when it broadcasted “The Most Hit Music” without any commercial advertisements. The program lasted for 40-continuous minutes.

Listening to Virgin Radio Calgary

As mentioned previously, Virgin Radio Calgary is broadcasted at 98.5 FM. If you love being online, you can listen to the station over the internet. There are so many online channels with Live Virgin Radio Calgary programs.

To know more about the radio station’s programs, you must scan through Facebook and Twitter. These social media pages are updated on a daily basis. You will come across many “Live” posts too.

The Official Website and Mobile App!

Just like the other Virgin Radio websites, Calgary has a “Red and White” page. The site is strategically broken into shows, audio/video, contests, music news, trending and events. The homepage begins with the radio station’s famous personalities. You will be able to gather information about the programs, timings and reviews. Of course, all contents and events are posted in the Virgin Radio Calgary’s site. If there are any giveaway coupons, deals or gift cards – Virgin Radio Calgary has a post! Most people admire the site for its VIP Concert giveaways. (You will be able to spot these deals and gifts in the site’s mobile app too).

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