CBC Radio 3

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CBC Radio 3 is a Canadian radio station focused on music and arts. Their services are available on Sirius XM, online audio and regular podcasts. They aim to inform, enlighten and encourage Canadians.

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CBC Radio 3

This station came as a result of programming on CBC Radio 2 where it began in December 2005 up to March 2007. Since then, the station has been available through its internet services and satellite radio. The station targets young lovers of art and music. It plays a variety of genres ranging from Indie music, folk, country, alternative hip hop and electronic music.


One of the main program ’CBC Radio 3 Sessions’ aired in studio sessions by Canadian musicians in the Radio 3 studios. This program featured song performances and interviews. Usually, two artists were invited to the program with each of them performing for half an hour. The program aired at 11 a.m. PT on Saturdays, midnight PT on Sundays and 4 a.m. PT on Mondays.

Pre-recorded segments of the show are occasionally features as live hosting is no longer available.

Radio Personalities

Grant Lawrence remains the permanent host on CBC Radio 3. H is also the vocalist for the Indie Rock group, ‘The Smugglers’. Some of the previous hosts included Lana Gay, Tariq Hussein, Raina Douris, Dave Shumka amongst others.

The station has also featured Canadian musicians and other media personalities as guest hosts such as Graham Wrigt, Allana Stuart and Buck 65.

How to listen online

Their online service is mainly on http://www.cbcmusic.ca/radio3.

Moreover, the station has its Regional Broadcasting Studio, the Alexis Mazurin studio, in Vancouver. The studio was named after the original host Alexis Mazurin who died in October 2005.

Social network

The station has an extensive social media presence on various platforms. Their fan base on twitter reaches 106,000 fans who are kept entertained and informed by their regular up to date posts on different topics.

The station is also present on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube with over ninety followers on Instagram and close to 130,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Official website

The main site is rather simple and accessible with a wide array of topics, news, and sports to choose. This can be found on http://www.cbc.ca/listen/.

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