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Chez-FM is a famous Canadian radio station. It is known for its mainstream rock broadcasts. For several years, the radio station has been broadcasted at 106.1 FM. It is based in Ottawa, Canada.

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CHEZ 106

The radio station is well-known as 106.1 CHEZ. It is currently owned by Rogers Media. You will come across the radio station’s studios between Conroy Road and Thurston Drive in Ottawa. The station’s transmitters are present at Camp Fortune in Quebec. 

The first CHEZ FM program was broadcasted on the 25th of March 1977. It was the brainchild of Harvey Glatt. At that time, Glatt was the owner of Treble Clef. This was a famous music store in Canada that focuses on local producers, local concerts and a chain of retail record outlets. In the beginning, the radio station was 100,000 watts in strength. The very first song on CHEZ FM was Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely. Mike O’Reilly was a famous personality in CHEZ FM. He hosted the morning show.

Roger became the owner of CHEZ FM in 1999. Most of CHEZ’s holdings were sold to Rogers Radio. In 2011, CHEZ’s slogan became “World Class Rock”. They started to stream only rock music format. The station rebranded to 106.1 in 2016.

Programs and Personalities of Chez FM

CHEZ FM is renowned for its rock programs. As mentioned previously, the radio station broadcasted its first rock music program in 2011. Mainstream rock was its area of specialization. By the end of 2014, CHEZ FM received the “Ottawa’s best rock station” nomination. Almost all rock bands and singers have their songs broadcasted in this radio station. It is one of their finest units for rock fame!

Famous shows in CHEZ FM would be the Doc & Woody Radio Show, Drive Home with Cosmo and the commercial-free Robin Harper Show.

Listening to Chez FM

Listening to CHEZ FM is very simple. Just tune into 106.1 MHz FM and you will be able to listen to the world’s finest rock format. This is a class C1 radio station. Meanwhile, you can listen to CHEZ FM online too. The radio station features live broadcast too.

Social Media Presence

According to recent social media stats, CHEZ FM is one of the most loved radio stations in the industry. There are more than 100,000 likes and 100,000 followers for CHEZ FM on Facebook. On the other hand, the radio station has 9000+ followers on Twitter. Currently, it has received around 2,500+ likes on Twitter too! On an average, the station features 250+ tweets every day. Most of these tweets are on rock bands, music, and stars!

Website and Mobile App

CHEZ FM has a very simple website. The page has a white base and a simple navigational flow! There are quick links to Contests, Shows, Events, Latest News and On Demand Programs. If you are an ardent follower of CHEZ FM, you can Sign up for free! The moment you sign-up, you will become a member of the Rock Empire. 

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