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CHUM FM is a renowned Canadian radio station. The radio unit is officially located in Toronto, Canada. It is operated by the famous Bell Media, Canada. It specializes in hot adult contemporary format.

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Finding the station is very simple on Richmond Street. The main office is present on the CN Tower. The station is responsible for broadcasting Bell Fibe TV, Bell TV and Shaw Direct.

In the past few years, CHUM FM is one of the most listened to radio stations. The Numeris’ radio rating identifies CHUM FM a great station.

History of CHUM FM

The very first CHUM FM program was broadcasted on the 1st of September 1963. This was at an ERP of 18,000 watts. The transmitter was located at 1331 Yonge Street. In the beginning, CHUM FM broadcasted classical music. Indeed, this was the first Canadian station to broadcast classic tunes.

By the start of 1966, CHUM FM’s ERP increased to 54000 watts. The transmitter location and power changed in the year 1968. CHUM FM became a 100,000 watts radio unit. And, the transmitter was moved to the Manufacturers Life Building.

The radio station broadcasted its first hot adult contemporary in 1990. It received its license to engage in Digital Audio Broadcasting in 1998. Since the 1990s, the station has been very careful in choosing its songs. It picks from a range of crossover beats, hip-hop, R&B and dance music. It doesn’t skip songs from the 1980s and 1990s.

Programs and Personalities

CHUM FM is famous for its interesting programs and personalities. When it comes to personalities, Richie Favalaro, Roger Ashby, Aiko Iwashita, Marilyn Denis and Meredith Shaw have very high ratings.

Some of the finest programs in CHUM FM are “The Sound Lounge” and “Roger & Marilyn”.

The Sound Lounge was launched on the 5th of February 2007. With this program, CHUM FM became a flagship radio station. The show allowed listeners to choose their playlist. It featured an interesting range of mashups and remixes. Listeners can share their opinions via voice calls, SMS or emails. The show was initially hosted by the famous Cory Kimm. As Kimm shifted to Winnipeg, the show was hosted by Chris Biggs.

Roger & Marilyn is an integral part of CHUM FM. The morning show has a history of 30 years.

Listening to CHUM FM

CHUM FM is broadcasted at a frequency of 104.5 MHz. It is also available on HD Radio. Listening to the station online is very simple. CHUM FM features webcasting too!

Social Media Presence

When it comes to social media networking, CHUM FM has a huge number of active followers. For example, the radio station has 95,000+ likes and 90,000+ followers on Facebook. Its presence in Twitter is quite prominent. It has 29,000+ followers and more than 89,000+ tweets.

Website and Mobile Apps

Most people admire the station’s website. CHUM FM sticks to its blue theme! There are direct links to Events, Shows, Audio/Video and News. The station’s mobile application is 100% responsive and easy to navigate. 

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