Virgin Radio Edmonton

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Virgin Radio Edmonton is a famous Canadian radio station. The radio station is carefully programmed to be aired on top 40/CHR format. Over the years, the number of Virgin Radio Edmonton listeners has increased considerably. Today, this is one of the finest and most entertaining stations in Edmonton, Alberta.

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Virgin Radio Edmonton

This radio station specializes in many regional languages. For example, it has a range of Punjabi programs. These programs are broadcasted on a Subsidiary Communications Multiplex Operation (SCMO) frequency. If you are looking for classics, one-of-a-kind music or regional delights, Virgin Radio Edmonton is a great option to tune into.

History of Virgin Radio Edmonton

The radio station has a history that dates back to 1978. It started with oldies from studios and musicians in Edmonton. The initial frequency was 1070 kHz (AM). The radio station’s beginning was with a CKST call-sign. By the end of 1988, the station’s frequency shifted from 1070 to 1200 AM. The very year, its call sign became CHMG. Meanwhile, the station shifted to adult contemporary music. The brand was known as EZ Rock. EZ Rock was programmed by the famous Tammy Cole. Music from the radio station was carefully slanted to suit the needs of women between 25 and 54 years of age. Indeed, Virgin Radio Edmonton has experienced a series of changes. Today, it is a diverse radio station with so much to offer!

Programs and Personalities

Virgin Radio Edmonton dropped out of adult contemporary and became a striking contemporary hit radio station. The station’s last EZ Rock song was Don Henley’s The Boys of Summer. And, its first contemporary hit song was Katy Perry’s “Firework”. There was no room for adult contemporary in Virgin Radio Edmonton. Soon, the station started to witness many listeners. The normal formats kept flipping every now and then. According to a recent survey, Virgin Radio Edmonton’s contemporary collection ranks Number #4 in Canada!

Famous personalities who host shows at Virgin Radio Edmonton are Brayden Haydamack and Chris Kelly. These are must listen-to shows.

Listening to the Radio Station

Listening to Virgin Radio Edmonton is a joy! Currently, the radio station is aired at the frequency 104.9 MHz (FM). The station follows the TOP 40/CHR format. The radio station had former frequencies like 1070 kHz (AM) and 1200 AM.

Of course, you can listen to the station from is website too. Virgin Radio Edmonton is officially broadcasted as “104.9 Virgin Radio” in the online world.

Website and Mobile Apps

Just like the other Virgin Radio stations, 104.9 FM has a white site! The website is built on a white base with simple menu options. There are direct links to shows, events, trending programs, news and contests in the site. You will get a comprehensive insight to all programs and its schedule too.  The site is very simple to navigate and is to the point.

Developers have invested on a responsive mobile app too. Just like the website, the mobile app is simple and easy to navigate. It can be installed on all mobile operating systems too. 

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