Virgin Radio Winnipeg

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Virgin Radio Winnipeg is a 40-formatted radio station. The radio station is owned by Bell Media. It is popular as “103.1 Virgin Radio”.

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Virgin Radio Winnipeg

This is one of Canada’s most active and followed radio stations. It has plenty of sister stations. What makes the Virgin Radio special would be its “unique” programs. Every station focuses on a specific group of people. The slogan of this radio station is “Winnipeg’s #1 Hit Music Station”. Indeed, this is a great radio station for “amazing” music, tunes and hits. The station’s first program was aired in 1998. Since then, there has being no turning back.

History of Virgin Radio Winnipeg

The talk about Virgin Radio hails back to the 13th of March 1979. It received a license as a FM station in Winnipeg. The radio station was broadcasted on 103.1 MHz. Over the years, Virgin Radio Winnipeg experienced many changes. It received a near freeform license, became an adult contemporary site and was even sold to Western World Communications. According to experts, Virgin Radio has seen a lot! This makes Virgin Radio Winnipeg one of the country’s most experienced and versatile radio stations. In fact, the brand’s logo and vision changed drastically too. Today, it is a star performer, with a star as its logo.

Programs and Personalities of Virgin Radio Winnipeg

As mentioned previously, this radio station is all about music. If you are longing for a radio station that can keep you up-to-date with the music industry, this is what you need. This radio station has never disappointed music fans. May it be jazz, pop, classical or western tunes, you have it all. Every top hit in the world is played at Virgin Radio Winnipeg. Also, all kinds of music news are shared by this radio station. If you want to hear about Taylor Swift’s Zombie looks, Katy Perry’s Roar or Justin Timberlake’s Too late to Apologize, you need to listen to Virgin Radio Winnipeg.

Famous shows and personalities of Virgin Radio Winnipeg would be: randilynn, Chrissy troy, Tyler Magz and Mandy Shew. And, the “Ace Burpee Show” receives the maximum number of listeners.

Listening to Virgin Radio Winnipeg

Just like every other famous radio station in Canada, it is very easy to tune into Virgin Radio Winnipeg. To begin with, you must tune into 103.1 FM. This FM radio station delights music fans with clear reception. Two, you can listen to the online radio channel. According to a recent survey, people from different parts of the world listen to Virgin Radio Winnipeg through its online channel.

Fame and Glory!

Indeed, Virgin Radio Winnipeg is the best station for music hits. It has more than 45000+ followers in Facebook. And, more than 5000+ people like this hit music station. When it comes to tweets, there are more than 55000+ tweets about this radio station.

The talk about Virgin Radio Winnipeg would remain incomplete without its red website. The site features latest shows, events, audio/video broadcasts and trending news. It is a one page website that keeps scrolling down! 

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